Mosstika Adds Some Green to the "Concrete Jungle

For better or worse, the closest thing to “natural” that many New Yorkers experience in their day to day lives may very well be shopping in the organic section of Whole Foods. Guerilla street art collective Mosstika is trying to change all that with their latest “graffiti” project. Rather than sprawling tags across the city in spray paint, Mosstika’s works are created using living grass and moss.


“We believe that if everyone had a garden of their own to cultivate, we would have a much more balanced relation to our territories,” they write. “It is with this notion in mind, that we at Mosstika, aim to collide the worlds of art and nature, creating havens of unexpected greenery, within the colder harsher environment.”

Mosstika believes in transforming street art by encouraging the viewer to reach out and interact with their pieces and provide our “concrete jungle” with just a little more green. 

Image Source  mosstika.com and www.dsgnwrld.com"

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