Mormon Swingers?

We here at BUST HQ love it when people interact with us on Twitter. (You can, too: we're @bust_magazine!) So when @MormonSwingers tweeted us this week with a link to their blog, we were intrigued.  The Mormon Swingers blog itself is basically just a sex blog but it has pages that discuss, rather in-depth, the balance of swinging while also being devoted to the Church of Latter-Day Saints. I think it's most important in this day and age of black-and-white on issues (ie the reluctance of many churches to accept GLBTQ people) for people to find a way for all of their views to work together and support each other, instead of finding themselves in a conflict between their religion and desires. 


Though I'm still skeptical of its authenticity (as I usually am with any blog that has a taboo or controversial topic such as this) I'm curious to see what other people have to say. How do you feel about Mormon Swingers? 


Image via @MormonSwingers

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