Modern Lady's Modern Take on the White House Report on Women (Hint: Not Doing So Hot, Ladies)

Yay! The White House made a report on the status of women! Oh no, as far as women in America go, we're still paid less than men and doing most of the housework. Wait, is that really all the report focused on? Not only have women's strides been small, but apparently our fight for equal rights hasn't expanded in scope since the 70's either. Erin Grant explains it all in a new Modern Lady videocast.

Don't worry Erin. According to the most trusted news source of all time, The Daily Mail, women have been making great strides in one male-dominated field: stalking! Yay! Thanks to facebook, a third of online stalking victims are now men. Offline, male victims make up just eight percent of harassment cases. Sisters doing it for themselves!


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