Models Are Not Like Us: Modern Lady

Anyone else tired of seeing fashion week's sickly thin models displaying bizarre clothes most people can't afford and, for weeks to follow, reading about them in every magazine, newspaper, blog, and bathroom stall? Well, our girl-crush, Erin Gibson, sure is, but she doesn't just roll her eyes; she tackles the industry and the models who work them in her latest Modern Lady. A parody, yes- as is her style, but also a commentary on how the fashion industry values one particular body type, knowing full well that it does not represent most women, over all others. Arguably, everyone knows that and it's been addressed to the point of exhaustion, right? Yet the fashion industry insists on favoring, selling, normalizing and profiting from an image that is neither healthy nor realistic for most women. Watch Gibson say, Enough already in her own way and feel free to shout out, "Amen, sister." 

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PHOTO COURTESY OF Modern Lady, Erin Gibson

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