Model Fight Club

Everything's better when models do it, right? The latest in late night new York entertainment happenings are illegal fighting matches where male models duke it out for those "in the know" paying patrons. While some of the pretty boys are doing this for fun (getting punched in the face is apparently fun!) one of the exceptions is Charlie, a lanky 20 year old model who is actually training to enter the Golden Gloves. BUST contributor, Michelle Groskopf is making a documentary about Charlie and his trainer Leon Taylor, and I'm sure it will be pretty interesting when it's done. They've started a kickstarter fund, so if you'd like to help them out and see hot shirtless dudes duke it out, then donate to these girl's movie making fund, and you may even get to attend the next secret fight, if you're into that! To donate and learn more about the project, click here.

NYT, New York Mag

go here for a sneak peek at some of the footage: www.modelboxers.com

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