Miss Eaves is Bringing Kitty Back (Them Other Cats Don't Know How to Act)

If you're anything like me, you love cats and NPR, (and you need to quit jocking my swag because cats and NPR are/have always been my thing…) so listen up because you're going to enjoy this. Shanthony Exum, better known as Miss Eaves, is currently writing six songs in as many weeks. She's asking fans to vote on the topic of each song on her Facebook.


Last week she brought us this gem about cats:

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and this week fans voted to hear her rap about NPR:

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Miss Eaves is so fun and witty, she makes me lol at my desk. With  lines like, "A cat on the bed on the window on the wall/ All these kitties crawl, they sweat their rubber balls," who can resist?

What should she rap about next week? My vote goes to Downton Abbey. Let's make this happen, readers. Voting closes Saturday.


Image source news.ncdcr.gov

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