Miranda July Knows Your Future


Here at BUST we’re not shy about expressing our unabashed and limitless love for Miranda July, and we’re all excited about her upcoming film “The Future.” While some of the editors have already seen the film, I have not yet, and I feel a little embarrassed to admit it, but I think I’ve watched the trailer five times in the last thirty minutes. There’s a sort of rawness that Miranda July promises us here in her depiction of a couple wading their way into the latter part of their thirties that indicates to me that July has got some inside knowledge of the intricacies and delicacies of the human experience.  I’m happy to watch her lay it all out for me. 

So with this in mind, when it was brought to my attention that in honor of “The Future”’s impending release July has created a link on the movie website that serves as an oracle, I didn’t hesitate to drop whatever I was doing and let Miranda tell me what’s going to happen to me. On the film's official site, you'll find a link called "Your Future." The conduit for one’s fortune is a muti-colored wheel graphic. After clicking, your divinatory message appears in the middle. July assures us at the top of the page that her internet oracle works just like any other divination tool such as astrological or tarot readings. She instructs us to think about “the essential dilemma of our lives,” take a deep breath, click the wheel, and then be ready to think seriously about MJ’s advice. 

I did not click wrecklessly. I took a moment to ponder my life’s dilemma (and maybe I took an extra minute to process how there’s really more than one), and when I felt ready I clicked on the Future Wheel. My fortune was as follows: “He/she is longing to press his/her lips to yours but he/she is resigned to this longing. Take no action.” Ominous as it is, this all sounds kind of nice to me, so I just went on ahead and clicked on the link that would supply me with biweekly emails (which you can personalize by participating in two simple but predictably bazaar diagnostic exercises) of MJ’s predictions and advice. I get my first one on Thursday. 

Click here to let MJ help you out. 

To read an interview with Miranda from Feb, click here. And be sure to read our current interview with her the June/July issue on stands now. The Future will be in theaters July 29. 

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