Mindy Kaling Chimes in on Whether Women Can Have it All

When did the question of “Can women have it all?” become such a big debate? Although we’ve probably been trying to answer that question since that first multi-cellular organism managed its way out of the primordial soup, lately, it’s been a huge topic of discussion. From Anne-Marie Slaughter’s highly talked-about The Atlantic piece “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” to Taylor Cotters very criticized Huffington Post blog “A Struggle of Not Struggling,” culture is very seriously trying to figure this one out.


Although "having it all" may or may not be easy (since it traditionally includes a fantastic relationship with all your friends and partner, a perfect career, a nice house, etc.), Mindy Kaling believes it’s possible. According to the newest preview for Kaling’s aptly named fall comedy The Mindy Project, there are three simple steps to your your Best Life Ever (all while changing outfits just by switching rooms).

  1. Work 80 hours a week and be amazing at your job.
  2. Make sure you’re always available for your friends.
  3.  Save plenty of time for love. 

If only there weren’t just 168 total hours in a week! 

But, Mindy is clearly joking. She doesn’t expect that kind of perfection from anyone and proves that there’s always a stray gurney ready to flip your perfectly laid out plans over. If this preview can be a taste of what’s to come for The Mindy Project, I’m excited. It's pitch-perfect social commentary that can still make us laugh. Check out the preview, below:  

Images courtesy of Hitfix.com

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