Messin' w McCain

mccainPhotographer Jill Greenberg has gotten herself into a real shit storm since she posted some doctored images of McCain on her website a few weeks ago. She was hired by The Atlantic Monthly to shoot him, and not long afterward got creative with the photoshop, including a version with bloody fangs and even one with a monkey pooping on Mccains head(!) It all seems a little extreme to me, not to mention damaging to her career. (Apparently her agent dropped her like a hot potato). And even tho I think McCain is a douchebag, it seems like a dumb move. Unfortunately for Greenberg, according to this report , she has had death threats and had to hire security and close her studio.That is unfortunate and scary for her, but all I know is as a photo editor, I would be pissed if someone I hired did something like this to photos they had taken for me. So is this freedom of speech? Can you make a political statement in your commercial work? To delve further, check out this guys blog.

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