Messed Up Twister Party To Feed New York This Friday at a Benefit for City Harvest!

City Harvest is a really cool organization that "rescue's food" from various food  businesses; including restaurants, wholesalers, greenmarkets, bakeries, caterers, hospitals and corporate cafeterias, as well as running canned food drives. They deliver this rescued food to hungry people and organizations. You can party on their behalf this Friday at Moves (214 Franklin Street). 

Info below: 

$5 - $15 ENTRY
♥♥OPEN BAR 8-9 ((WITH ID))
Dress code is monochrome, and then accessorize as little or much as you like!
Join in a weird game of "TWISTER, CHOPPD N SCREWD"  throughout the night, bring your own monochrome outfit to play.....OR BETTER YET, buy one from RHLS for $5 to benefit City Harvest further!
The theme/dress code is to support Sarah Jones as the pilot for the Uniform Project. She wears the same little black dress everyday for one month and accessorizes to raise attention to sustainable fashion and to raise money for a charity. This month we are raising money to support youth educational projects through City Harvest.
- - -
8 pm Messed up Twister round I
8-9pm Open Bar
9 pm  POWER COLOR | www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDZ-SpY9K4g
9:30pm  HUBBLE | www.missionhubble.blogspot.com
10 pm  FOOD S†ΔMPS | www.foodstampsusa.tumblr.com
1030pm Messed Up Twister round II
11pm Messed Up Twister Final Round
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