Meryl Streep Can Do Anything...Anything!

As far as I'm concerned, Meryl Streep can become any role, nay become anything. The woman is unstoppable: I'd consider letting her perform surgery on me. Saturday Night Live noticed this phenomenon a few seasons ago with one of my favorite sketches in recent memory, Meryl Streep on Ice. 


It looks like The Public Theater agrees with me on this one. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Shakespeare in the Park, the company announced this week that Meryl Streep will perform opposite Kevin Kline in a one-night performance of Romeo and Juliet. Here's the thing though--the two will be reading as the titular, star-crossed teenagers. Granted it's a staged reading as opposed to a more visual performance, it'll still be pretty wacky hearing the woman who just won an Oscar for her turn as Margaret Thatcher portray the most famous 13-year-old of all time. 

The June 18th performance is sure to be one to remember, and with tickets starting at$1,500, it better be!

Image source NPS.gov

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