Merry Merry Month of Masturbation


In case you were caught unawares, we are currently 4 days into National Masturbation Month . This begs the question . . . how are you celebrating the party in your pants?  Make May your excuse to take some time out to up your solo game.

There are plenty of toys to be had. Cisco based women's sex-store Good Vibrations originated the National Masturbation Month.  They also have an online treasure trove of sex toys, gadgets and gizmos. Don't forget the visual stimulation!  Check out the up and cumming mag Liger Beat , produced by BUST's own Callie!

Of course masturbation doesn't need to be a consumerist affair, it is also a cheap and satisfying form of entertainment. Just set aside an extra 30 minutes, indulge in second and third helpings. Take a creative hand in your pleasure, what's going on in your mind is the most crucial part of your sexuality.  Spring clean those tierd fantasies about your ex and dream up some new sexcapades. If you are particularly inspired, put pen to paper!  Writing and drawing porn is great way to find out what is really going on in your own pervy mind.


image: Georgia O'keefe painting found here

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