Men Are Finished" Debate Will Explore New Issues in Gender-Equality


If you watched Gloria Steinem’s documentary last month, you remember her point that the media often promotes myths about gender-equality.  Either gender-equality has been reached and feminism is over, or feminism is harmful to men, or some other non-factual argument is often promoted.  However, like all meaty issues, gender-equality is always up for debate.  Next Tuesday, September 20, an exciting gender-equality debate is set to take place at NYU’s Skirball Center.  Four prominent culture authorities will debate new gender-equality issues in the debate,“Men Are Finished.”

The debate will include a discussion on how many believe the current economy is better suited for women.  There are also statistics saying that women are beginning to dominate in terms of education and employment.  Essentially the panelists will be debating whether or not men are still preeminent.  The debaters for the motion include Dan Abrams, an ABC News Analyst, and Hanna Rosin, an award-winning journalist for The Atlantic and Slate.  Rosin is also known for writing the story, The End of Men, which is based on a theory that women are rising as men lose dominance in society.  The debaters against the motion include Christina Hoff Sommers, a feminist scholar and author of The War Against Boys, and David Zinczenko, the Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health Magazine and Editorial Director of Women's Health.

Audience members will vote to decide the winning team of the debate.  You should definitely go check it out, hear both sides of the debate, and then vote!

Tickets: $40 ($12 for students w/ID)



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