Meet Your New Crush: Willy Moon

Aside from his foxiness, gangly Kiwi singer Willy Moon has a lot going for him. Apple recently used his rowdy, retro song “Yeah Yeah” for its new ad (the one with all the bouncing iPods), and it caught the earballs of countless listeners. So is there more to this neo-rockabilly pop star than one catchy song and some very well-tailored suits? We’re happy to report that we've seen him live, and he is, in fact, legit.

Moon played at Piano’s recently, in a gig that seemed to be populated equally by fans, press, and record-label A&R dudes. Large, expensive-looking cameras were being thrust in the dude’s face throughout the performance, and luckily, he delivered on his next-big-thing promise. With only one record under his belt, the 23-year-old’s set was fairly brief, though he added a cover of “I Put a Spell on You” to round things out. Moon’s songs are a blend of 50’s rock and modern, glitchy production, and his stage moves were like those of a thuggy Jerry Lee Lewis. He jumped down into the audience to hip-swivel among us, politely cursed us out, and finally collapsed onto the floor for a short rest, after wearing himself out. Is Moon really the Next Big Thing? Only time will tell. But for now, we’re enjoying the show.

Check out Moon's songs "Yeah Yeah" and "I Wanna Be Your Man," below, and leave a comment letting us know who you're crushing on lately.

-- Molly Simms

Images by Andrew Landry and The Guardian

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