Meet the girl who helped spark the Egyptian Revolution

As the violence escalates in the Egyptian revolution, it's no surprise that one of the videos posted on Facebook on January 18th by this young woman, Asmaa Mahfouz went viral and apparently inspired thousands to go down to Tahrir square on the 25th to protest. It's an incredibly brave and inspiring call to action by a young person who wants to make their country a better place. (Watch the video below)

Not much is known about Asmaa, it's been reported that she is 26 years old, and it's clear that she is very passionate about what's going on. We only hope that she is safe, as the peaceful demonstrations have turned deadly, especially after last nights violence, civilians are getting shot and  beaten by Mubaraks supporters, and  thousands of prisoners have escaped from jail. 

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source: You tube, Washington Post, LA Times , Hindustan Times

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