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wwkipeurope.jpgIt's almost time for Worldwide Knit in Public Day! Events are next Saturday, June 13, all over the world. Pick up your sticks and join in the fun! You can check out the WWKIP website to find events in your area.

The day was started four years ago by Danielle Landes so that knitters could get to know each other. As the WWKIP site says, ''Knitting is such a solitary act that it's easy to knit alone somewhere and sink into your work without thinking about all the other knitters out there. Neighbors could spend all their lives never knowing that the other knits. This a specific day to get out of your house and go to a local event (with your knitting in tow) just for you and people like you.'' It also seeks to publicly dispel rumors and stereotypes about knitters.

It's been growing each year, from 25 events in 2005 to about 200 in 2007. It's the largest event of its kind in the world.

What if you're not a knitter? It's never to late to learn how . I'm sure someone at the event you attend would be happy to give you some pointers. I haven't decided if I'm going to go to the Brooklyn Public Library or Central Park, but I'm sure I'll be at one of them. -Liza
(graphic via www.wwkip.org)

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