Medicine County

Holly Golightly is a U.K. native who lives on a farm in Georgia where she spends her leisure time raising horses and chickens. After listening to her latest release, Medicine County, you would naturally assume as much.

Golightly teamed up with her frequent sonic contributor Lawyer Dave (a one-man-band who goes by the name the Brokeoffs), and the two hick enthusiasts recorded this album in a recently foreclosed church near Golightly's home. This duo is serious about country music, and if you're not, then Medicine County might not be for you. The progression of songs will have you thinking, "Wow, this is country" and then, "Oh my God, this is really country." On the opening track, "Forget it," Golightly warns, "And when you steal a heart that's true/Be sure you know just what you do," and as you hear it, if you close your eyes real tight, you can almost envision the singer standing with her hand on her hip as some tumbleweeds roll by.

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