Me and You and All of Us": A Blog About the People In Our Lives

There are a lot of Tumblrs out there in this big, bad world—some good, some not so good. Amongst a sea of awkward found photos and hung over owl pics, there’s occasionally a special gem that makes you feel a little bit better about clicking through Tumblrs all day instead of tackling that ever-daunting to-do list. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some funny cat pictures as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s satisfying to find a blog that contains content that is both funny and inspiring (and no, I don’t mean things like this, either).

The Tumblr “Me and You and All of Us” (Miranda July reference, anyone?) is one of those particular blogs. The creator, Lauryn, is a current student at RISD who documents different people in her life. On the site she explains, “this is a blog about me and all of my friends and all of my enemies and all of the people I ever met.” Lauryn illustrates a variety of different characters that appear in her life, ranging from fellow classmates and close friends, to professors and sisters’ ex-boyfriends. Each illustration is accompanied with a few thoughtful and incisive sentences about the person. Oftentimes both sensitive and humorous, these brief observations and insights offer a small glimpse into the nature of the unique characters and their relationships with the author. Whether reading about fish-shaped head curves or bright-color phobias, you’re sure to find something that’ll either make you stop for a moment or at least crack a smile. Check some out, below, and see the rest of her eclectic characters on the blog, right here!

"This is my coworker Cindy. She makes up very convincing biographies of other people. But she is best with a pair of loppers."

"This is my RISD friend Aditya. He reminds me of a camel. He loves the absurd and inane."

"This is what my RISD friend Tashi looks like when she is happy. She is good at making vagina cupcakes."

Illustrations by Lauryn, courtesy of the Tumblr "Me and You and All of Us"

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