Maybe Wiseau Really Does Need His Own Room...

Apparently the producer was interviewing over the phone, but it seems more like Greg Sestero was interviewing Tommy Wiseau. Or maybe it seems more like a painfully boring interview that you just cannot seem to stop watching. It's probably because Wiseau, who we've previously interviewed here at BUST, may or may not have lost his damn mind.

After watching part one of the interview in it's entirety, I don't really know what I've learned, but I do know that Wiseau can't really catch a football and he doesn't know the difference between a high five and fist pump. So seriously, what is The Room? Because "you, and me, and everyone in America," isn't quite cutting it for me. I do know the movie has "layers and layers," but I don't think I have time to watch it at least a hundred times to reveal all these "layers." I think Wiseau and Sestero have a hard time taking themselves seriously, but regardless, for some odd reason, I'm intrigued. I'm also curious- why is Wiseau wearing sunglasses inside? I think I might check out The Room and at least get through the first layer.

Check the interview out for yourself:

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Here's the trailer for The Room.

Also, read Callie's interview with him here.

Picture from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Room_(film)

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