Matt Costa Wants YOU To Buy A Guitar

When BUST TV's Lauren Mooney decided to go guitar shopping recently, she figured the talented and insanely cute Matt Costa would be the perfect person to bring along. And how! With three albums under his belt, he has contributed songs to the Curious George and I Love You, Man soundtracks, and his song "Mr. Pitiful" was recently used in an iPhone commercial.

In the video below, the musician proves himself to be chock-full of good advice. First thing is first--before investing in a pricey guitar, he suggests deciding what kind of music you want to play. An acoustic guitar would be better if you're leaning towards a folkier sound, and an electric is preferable if you want to play rock and lay down some solos. If you're just learning to play, however, an acoustic is the better way to go.

To learn more about buying your first guitar (and to see a shining example of how to rock shades indoors), watch the clip below! And be sure to check out Matt Costa's music at http://mattcosta.com/home.

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photo courtesy of mattcosta.com


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