Martha Plimpton says there's too many old, ugly, fat women on TV

In the past few weeks, the TV networks have revealed the new shows that they'll be adding to their fall lineups. One thing that's been quite noticeable is that there are way more shows coming out this fall that are about women than, well, maybe since forever. And of those shows, two of them, on two different networks, are associated with comic Whitney Cummings. One, "Whitney", is a comedy that stars, and is about, Whitney Cummings. The other, which Cummings is producing, is called "2 Broke Girls."

So what motivated Cummings to do not one, but two shows?  “I didn’t see anything on TV for young, sexy, smart women to look at and say, ‘Yeah, I relate to that, I’m like her,'" Cummings told the New York Times. "It’s time. It’s time.”

Really, Whitney? Really? Thank jeebus for Martha Plimpton, who tweeted in response:

"She's right. There're way too many old, ugly, fat women on television. The time for ugly fat ladies is OVER! Too many ugly old stupid ladies get all the attention. And jobs. UNTIL NOW! GD it! If I have to see ONE MORE tv show about old ugly fat women. Hey Granny Move over and make room for sexy young chicks. It's OUR time!"


Whitney Cummings: A young, sexy, smart lady who wants more young, sexy, smart ladies on TV.


[via ONTD]

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