Martha Cooper--Here Comes the Neighborhood

Whether it's scribbled, scratched or sprayed, graffiti is a fascinating public art form. Martha Cooper, the fabulous photographer, has teamed up with Here Comes The Neighborhood, a short-form docuseries that explores the revitalizing power of public art. Her work is featured in "HCTN Episode 7: Martha Cooper". 

Cooper is best known for documenting the New York graffiti scene in the '70s and '80s. She continues today in places like Wynwood, Miami (NW 20th Street to NW 36th Street and from North Miami Ave. to NW Sixth Ave.). Cooper has watched graffiti transform from an illegal, underground art form into a creative way to regenerate neighborhoods.


Tony Goldman, owner of Goldman Properties, is a developer and visionary with the ability to find beauty and potential in unlikely places. He is most recognized for his work in SoHo and South Beach. Since 2004 Goldman has purchased 2-dozen buildings in Wynwood, which became the canvases to Barry McGee (San Franciso), Aiko (Japan), Swoon (New York), and Shepard Fairey (California), just to name a few. Cooper began documenting the restoration in 2009. 

Watch this splendid do-gooder video at blogue, and see the beauty of graffiti transform Wynwood into the epicenter of the arts for the Greater Miami area. 

Text Source: blogue.us, nytimes.com, vimeo.com

Image Source: thesource.com photos by Martha Cooper

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