Margaret Cho’s Musical Comedy Album Pay What You Want, Limited Time Only!

 Margaret Cho wants you to do two things:

1)    In the next two days, download her musical comedy album, Cho Dependent (featuring Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, Tegan and Sarah among others) with 2 unreleased songs, and pay what you want! (As long as you want to pay over $1, which you should!) 

2)    Support ImMEDIAte Justice charity that works to empower young women and queer people of color to create and educate other young people about sexual health and reproductive freedom.

You can do both things at the same time! Buy “The Sexting Bundle” in the next two days and 20% of the profits will go to Immediate Justice. Buy it now, buy it here!

I just purchased the album for the recommended $7 donation and I’m listening to "Intervention" with Tegan and Sara. It's everything I love about Tegan and Sara, joining forces with the fierce and fabulous Margaret Cho! What could be better? And with sweet and poignant lyrics: "No more hugs 'til you give up drugs, I know it sucks but let's think about us." But my favorite track is probably Margaret's bonus track, "No Offense." So catchy, with insightful lyrics: "It takes two to fuck." 


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ImMEDIAte Justice educates young women from LA County, where over 360,000 teens contract an STD each year) with accurate information about sexual health education and the skills to share it with other teenagers through film. The young people in the program will learn screenwriting, cinematography criticism, editing and animation skills in addition to media literacy and sex education in order to write and direct their own films. You can watch footage from the ImMEDIAte Justice Retreat 2010:

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If that isn't enough incentive for you, the number one donor during this 72-hour campaign wins a role in Margaret’s upcoming video for the song “Asian Adjacent.” (Don’t be intimidated just yet; as of right now, the top donor weighs in at $10.50.) If 500 people or more participate, everyone will get the new unreleased song “Sexting” from drag queen Sherry Vine, featuring Margaret! The number two donor gets a Cho Dependent prize pack. But every donor wins because they are supporting sexual health education and receiving a Grammy nominated album!


Sherry Vine

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