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Mad Cho

Texas Republican state Rep. Betty Brown suggested in a hearing last week that Asian voters should 'adopt' new monikers that are 'easier for Americans to deal with.'

Oh, no, Betty. Noooooooo.

Brown not only angered many of the people around her, but she pissed off Margaret Cho, too, and Cho wrote a scathing response in her blog on April 10.

Brown was responding to Ramey Ko, a representative of the Organization of Chinese Americans who testified at a hearing that people with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names sometimes have trouble voting because their legal names are often different from their common English names used on U.S. documents like drivers licenses.

According to UPI , Brown later defended her statements, saying they were not racially motivated, but the damage was already done--at least for Cho.

'This latest incident with Betty Brown, the lawmaker from Texas, is such a prime example of the duhduhdumbness that flourishes in our culture and I am completely sick of it,' she wrote. 'She needs to resign out of sheer inability to accept that Asian Americans are valid human beings with the right to have names that she cannot pronounce because she's such an idiot.'

You can watch a video of that train wreck of a hearing here .


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