Make Your Period A Crafty and Green One


Lose those disposable pads and tampons and try out reusable alternatives for a greener period this month! Investing in items like sponge tampons (earthy!), a Diva Cup (lasts 10 years!), or reusable pads (cute patterns!) can really help out in reducing ozone depletion and trash waste. Today, the Huffington Post has a great informative slideshow if you're new to the idea of eco-friendly period gear. Also, if you're feeling crafty, here's a site with great patterns to make your very own reusable pads with whatever sweet patterns you want. Gather up a sewing circle of friends and have a rainy crafting day (it's raining in NYC at least). And if you're feeling artsy, this lady found an interesting way to deal with her horrible cramps and put Aunt Flo to use (be warned that this may gross some of out). 


Photo: Reusable Pads

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