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I was out of commiss last weekend with the flu and vertigo, the flu is on its way out but no telling about the vertigo. It seems like it is getting better, or maybe I am just getting used to it. Either way, I will just die if I have to lay around the house for another weekend, even if it is in the snuggie. After the Sex In America symposium I am hoping to make it to the Chicken Hut for what is sure to be an insane parrrrrrty! My roommate/spiritual guide Ian's band Alter is playing and they are amazing, lil bit metal, little Modest Mouse-y and a splash of ass slaps if you can believe it. Plus all the bros that know how to get me on the floor, Stasher, Dirtyfinger, and Mr. Andersonic. Sadly, I have vertigo, ergo I suggest everyone learn this dance above, so you can all do the moves I wanna do but will have to only do from the waist down. Any head shakes rock my boat. Luckily this is mostly a below the belt jam, so I can sort of get loose on it. Here is the pizzzzarty flier:


169 Spencer, Brooklyn. It will be face melting amazing. After the jump the real video and check out some of my snuggie dance floor b-day explosion pics here.

Do du Stanky Leg{official Video}- G Spot Boyz

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