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Tim Gunn: Lovable reality TV star? Yes. Action Hero? ...hmm...

This August, Marvel is releasing a new series of comic books set in the fashion industry called Models Inc. It stars a Charlies Angels type threesome of comic ladies left to the sidelines, like Mary Jane from Spiderman, Millicent Collins and Patsy Walker (aka Hellcat). Their Bosworth is, well, who else? Tim Gunn, who for some reason wears the Iron Man outfit. The series will involve them fighting crime within the fashion industry.

 The issue, coming out August 26th, deals with two crimes. The first is to find the true murderer of a set designer who was offed during New York Fashion Week and to clear Millicent as the prime suspect. The second stars Tim Gunn saving a fashion exhibition from the bad guys. 

 Yes, it's nice to see these characters finally getting to kick some ass of their own, and who wouldn't want to see more of Tim Gunn in any form? But this sadly reeks of sexism. Clearly there are other ways of getting girls into comics without having them take place in the fashion industry. Just take a look at some the books we've reviewed before:

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