Maiden America: Pansy Maiden at The Seed this Saturday!

We're getting pretty stoked for our upcoming craftacular at The Seed this Saturday, and you should be, too. Not only will there be yummy vegan food, but a laundry list of awesome eco-friendly vendors selling tons of adorable, environmentally conscious swag. Be sure to get your tickets here for just $30 for both days or $20 for one so you don't miss out on the fun (I know, my rhyming skills make the offer all-the-more enticing.)

One of our spectacular craftacular vendors is Pansy Maiden, a retailer dedicated to making vegan, cruelty free accessories. If you saw one of their pieces on the street, you would not be able to tell the difference between one of their bags and expensive leather. What's even more astonishing is the price- these bags come in at waaaaaay less than their cruel counterparts. Save an animal and some of your own green. Now that's ecofriendly.

Check out their designs below or head over to their website to browse other styles. Better yet, grab them in person at The Seed this weekend and come say what's up to Bust


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