Mad about Mad Men Secretaries?

An article on Jezebel, got me thinking about the affect MAD MEN mania may have on our culture. In a blurb about a recent study from the UK newspaper, The Telegraph (regarding the shocking treatment of modern secretaries), Jezebel posted a picture of the gals from Mad Men.

Though Jez didn't explain the choice in photography, it is clear when one thinks of a misogynistic office environment, one thinks of our favorite ad agency, Sterling Cooper.

During the Mad Men years, the job of a secretary was dramatically different. At least it seems that via way TV. Has the glamorous, romanticized office of Mad Men -- a testosterone palace where men call the shots and water cooler chatter revolves around scotch -- affects the current connotation of a female assistant? We love that early 60's vibe. But can we wear our wiggle dresses and high waisted skirts without the stigma attached?

Photo/info via Jezebel

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