Lucky Jackson Embroiders Her Heart Out, 365 Days a Year

Embroidery enthusiast Lucky Jackson has made it her mission to create a new work of embroidery for every day of the year, with the clever mantra "Less Bitchin' More Stitchin'" in mind, according to her Etsy shop announcement. And if that’s not ambitious enough, her project is already taking on a second year of operation. 

After Jackson finishes a piece, she posts it on her website for viewers to comment on and ask questions about. But Jackson isn’t just whipping up your average vintage embroidery catalog pieces. Each 12-inch hoop is like a new page sewn intricately into the fabric of Jackson’s life story, and it’s exciting to see what her muse of the day will be--whether it's a child dancing in their room, scenes from the movie Ghost World,  Pee Wee Herman, or Lindsay Lohan's mugshot. Jackson even creates cleverly named theme weeks for herself to thwart off the feeling of repetition (although being an avid follower of her blog, I can attest that I’ve yet to see her duplicate any of her own work). Some of these titles include, “I Pledge To Be Awesome,” “I'm Not the Kind of Girl That Will Throw My Knickers on Stage but Just Know that You Rock My World,” “The Secret Life of Toys,” and my personal favorite, “I Think I Love You But I am a Preteen and My Mom says it's Hormones.” Jackson also curated a selection of her pieces and patterns which are available for purchase through her online shop

I’ve always found it a conundrum that Jackson is able to crank out 365 of these a year. I guess I'm not alone in thinking this, because Jackson most recently posted a video going into detail of how she created her Iggy Pop embroidery. For more of 365 Lucky Days, click here


Images courtesy of luckyjackson.bigcartel.com

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