Loving on David Carr for Getting the Real Sheen Hypocrisy

Check out this story by the New York Time's David Carr, a cogent look at the real tragedy surrounding Charlie Sheen. Sheen has been abusing drugs, alcohol and women throughout his eight seasons with Two and a Half Men, all without putting a stop to his participation in the show. Hey, it's consistent with the character! Wink, wink. Until now. As of this past weekend Sheen's disparaging remarks about the show's creator Chuck Lorre finally threaten to derail this insanely successful franchise. The difference in crazytown now? According to Carr, "abuse yourself and the women around you to your heart’s content, but do not attack the golden goose."

Heretofore this story has been filed in the who cares? portion of my brain. My empathy level for another fabulously wealthy cokehead  is zero, and likewise it's been hard to muster up a ton of feeling for the women who've continued to mysteriously throw themselves in his path. Put in this light, I don't want to ignore the Sheen debacle anymore.


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