Love Letter to Beyonce: Super Bowl Edition

Dear Beyonce,

First you killed it at the inauguration with your unbelievable rendition of the National Anthem, when you ripped your earpiece out like the true diva that you are.  Then we found out that you sang to a pre-recorded track.  Don’t worry, we had your back, we know it was cold outside! Then you sang it again, acapella, at a Super Bowl Press Conference that you held and now you've blown us away with the half time show at the Super Bowl last night.  Listen, we don’t care if you lip-synch, we honestly don’t care WHAT you do. You have our hearts, Beyonce. 

Here are just a few more reasons we love you BEY:

1.  Because you just had a baby and you look FIERCER than ever! Seriously, please tell us your secret. 

2.  Because you can dance your “bootylicious” booty off in those heels.

3.  Because when you could have had any designer you wanted to design your outfit, you went for the up and coming New York based designer, Rubin Singer. You're a real class act.

4.  Because not only did you bring back Destiny’s Child, you then had them sing Single Ladies with you.  Minds blown. Anyone else smell a reunion?

5. Because when you sing “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” and we take it very, very seriously. 

6.  Because you have an all-women band that kicks ASS.  And all women back up dancers. When was the last time a half time show featured women and ONLY women?

7.  Because you are such a powerhouse, you literally created a black out.  Only you, Miss Sasha Fierce, could stop the Super Bowl.

Thank you Beyonce.  We heart you.

Photo via Rollingstone.com

Photo via Philly.com

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