London Fashion Week: Sugary Fashion Awesomeness by Meadham Kirchhoff

I honestly haven't kept up with every collection in NYC, London, or Milan but I've looked up and come across a few over the past few weeks. One Spring/Summer 2012 collection at London's Fashion Week that instantly caught my eye and definitely made me smile was the collection by Meadham Kirchhoff . Designers Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff created a fun, whimsical collection titled "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," and from smiley-face/ teddy bear jumpers to fluffy tutus and runway balloons, I'm totally in love with this sugary collection. It seems very Twee/Japanese Lolita inspired with some Marie Antoinette and Twiggy vibes thrown in there. Meadham says they were inspired and preoccupied with "the girl on the cake" aka starlets, showgirls, beauty pageant winners, models, and princesses. As quoted by Style.com, he says, "I wanted to take them off the cake, and put a real girl up there, a real girl not defined by feminine frippery, though she may occasionally indulge in it."

While I know the looks are a bit much, you have to admit, they look like a ridiculous amount of fun to wear!


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