London Craftacular: Rebecca Coffee's Millinery

Another vendor that will be attending London’s Craftacular is Rebecca Coffee’s Millinery.

Coffee is a Milliner from London. She has been making hats for almost 2 years, since she quit her office job to do something more creative. With a degree in Textiles already under her belt, she enrolled in a Millinery class at Kensington and Chelsea College. She loved the course so much that she completed the full time program this past summer.

Coffee uses a variety of different materials in her designs. Her hats and headpieces are handmade using traditional millinery methods of blocking, steaming and sewing by hand. Coffee describes her creations as “clean, architectural hats and headpieces with a strong contemporary aesthetic.”  

One of her creations features a gold cord coiled around a black ball nestled inside of a white disc. Another features soft, glossy black feathers circling the wearer’s face, with little gold spheres peeking out from the plumes. Another is made up of a coiled chocolate brown rope, it’s center a cluster of black beads from which two long, soft feathers extend.

Coffee is proudest of the work she did for her final collection of hats and headpieces: “My final collection from college has to be my favourite collection so far - probably because so much work went it to it and but it was worth it.”

Coffee has never attended a BUST Craftacular for her Millinery business, though she spent some time helping her friends at their stall. “I got a real feel for the event and knew that once I had finished college, I would try and get a stall,” Coffee said. Stop by her table at the event and check out some of her striking designs! 

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