Living Thing

Living thing is an eclectic mix of spare beats, electropop, and rock.

What’s a band to do following the smash success of an irresistibly catchy single that topped year-end best-of lists in 2006 and even made it onto Gossip Girl? If that band is Peter Bjorn and John, then the evident answer is to produce an album with nary a radio-friendly hit. The tracks on Living Thing, the Swedish trio’s fifth album (the title of which calls out ’70s power-pop group Electric Light Orchestra), favor an eclectic mix of spare beats, electropop, and rock that’s a far cry from 'Young Folks.' Of the bunch, 'Nothing to Worry About' is the strongest breakout contender, with its children’s-chorus vocals and stompy drumline. And yet, it’s refreshing to hear a group just not give a shit about creating another hook-heavy hit. Peter Bjorn and John have made one hell of an interesting album, which is more than most groups can say these days.

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