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In the world of websites doling out daily deals on dining, shopping, and other services to subscribers, bloomspot is one of my favorite entries. bloomspot makes it easy to add more luxe to your life; with offers on food, exclusive weekend vacations, salon services, and tickets to events like Couture Fashion Week, you can immerse yourself in quality culture without worrying you'll drown in debt.

I just moved to New York, and bloomspot (which serves several major cities all over the United States) has ensured that even my broke ass can treat itself to sitting in a Michelin-rated restaurant every once in a while.  bloomspot allows you to feel fancy without feeling the crushing guilt that comes after, say, eating a really expensive steak wrapped in bacon and then accidentally leaving the box of leftovers in a public restroom (I will never not start hyperventilating when I remember that). Even if your tastes aren't expensive and you will eat anything wrapped in bacon, it's a great way to try new things.  After all, if a dedicated DIY-er like me can enjoy a day of chillin' at the spa in a face mask I didn't mix myself, so can you.

(This is not me. But it totally could be!)

bloomspot members receive email updates on offers in their cities, as well as "bloombucks" that can be used to redeem future offers. And today, they're offering a free getaway to Hawaii! Do you want to go to Hawaii? Of course you do! Enter to win (and receive more exclusive bloomspot offers) here.  

(Okay...that looks nice.)

After you start planning your dream vacay (the giveaway site promises "unparalleled rejuvenation," but I would gladly just take a massage that doesn't involve sitting in a chair at Brookstone until an employee kicks you out), check out bloomspot, see if there are any offers that interest you, and go ahead, girl- take a walk on the wild side.



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