Live free, no DIE!

Michele BachmannMinnesota Representative Michele Bachmann asks fellow Republicans to go into full-on overdrive.  At a Denver conference she said, 'we should slit our wrists to join as blood brothers' against health care reform.'   Eh hem...WTF? Does Bachmann realize that one can become blood 'brothers' (or sisters, or friends) by just having a paper cut on one's finger?  or a scratch on the knee?  Why did she say Republicans should slit their wrists?  This sounds a lot like 'live free or die', only it's private insurance or death! 

Her stance on President Obama's health care reform is so strong that Bachmann went on to say that his idea is like 'reaching down the throat and ripping the guts out of freedom.'  Ew...I hope freedom had it coming.  -dahlia

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