Little Orphan Willow Smith

Okay, don't panic yet. Will and Jada are not ditching their multi-talented daughter Willow. Quite the opposite, actually. We all know Willow can whip her hair, sing, and rock a mean outfit, and now we're about to find out if she can act. Her own personal Daddy Warbucks, Will Smith, is producing the new movie version of Annie, and she's cast as the lead role.


Panicking now? I mean, Annie is a classic and needs to be done right. Hopefully we can have faith in the Smith clan to take on the challenge. In an interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, on Wednesday, Will Smith confirmed that the youngest of the Smith clan, Willow, 11, would be starring and he would produce the Sony Pictures project. His Men In Black 3 co-star Emma Thompson will write the updated script.

The film will be set in modern New York. Here's another important update: Jay-Z is in charge of the music and is expected to write new musical tracks for the soundtrack. Hard-knock life, anyone? We can't wait to see how this one pans out! What do you think of the new Annie?

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