Lily Allen: Bummed Out?

 The always adorbs, unsinkable Lily Allen performed at some sort of UK nightclub recently in some sort of giant bunny costume before stripping down to this electric blue sailor-esque romper outfit. Haters can shut the F up, i think it's completely cute, and everything I want from the only ballsy comtemporary female pop singer who has not yet spontaneously combusted. I'm glad to see Lily continuing to be her cheeky  self, especially since her new album is about to be released. I've already been addicted to it for a few weeks now, as we were lucky enough to get a pre-release version here at BUST HQ. It's Abba-upbeat but full of Lily's trademark snark, and I think every song sounds like a hit. Butt you don't have to take my word for it:  you can listen to the entire record yourself on Lily's myspace page , where she's put it up today, in advance of the album's release.

Lily Allen: she's the kind of star a girl can really get BEHIND! 

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