'Like A Virgin' Kit Causes Uproar in Egypt

fakehymenkitThe Artificial Virginity Hymen Kit has been causing a legit uproar in Egypt.  What's in the phony purity pack?  Why, a diaphragm that trickles a blood-like liquid, of course!  And it's all in an effort to trick new hubbies into thinking their brides are carrying a V-card.

The kit is seen as a tool of empowerment to some, but Egyptian conservatives believe it promotes promiscuity and ultimately threatens Islam.  Members of the Muslim Brotherhood (who control 20% of the seats in Egypt's parliament) have called for a ban on the kit and jail time for anyone that is caught peddling it.

I haven't found any stats on how many have actually been sold (if any).  But I do know that the $30 kit is produced by a Chinese company called Gigimo, who promotes the product through mail-order ads that advise women: ''Add in a few moans and groans, you will pass through undetectable.''  Moans and groans of pleasure or discomfort?  It sure would be nice to put a ban on placing so much value on virginity.

Read more at LA Times / Photo courtesy Gigimo.

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