Light Asylum plays the BUST party Saturday 3/27 @the Warsaw

BUST wants you to know about Light Asylum

According to their myspace,
Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello are Williamsburg Brooklyn's answer to the reemergence of new romantics. Like their predecessors, they have a penchant for walking on the dark side while carrying the torch to new dawns of rapturous, post-punk, new wave and industrial sounds. 

In other words: really SWEET dance music. And a really good reason to come out to the BUST party at the Warsaw this Saturday for only 7 dollars, and that gets you a free issue of the magazine...so basically a free show. Or a free magazine. Depends on how you look at it.

LIGHT ASYLUM is a musical echoing from the past reverberating against mans foreshadowing, apocalyptic plight, to destroy what light is still being held up high to guide us all inward and homeward. As a beacon is to sailors lost to a battle with the sea, beats, synths and vocals come in waves leading listener ashore in the darkest of nights.

So come float on those waves of dance with BUST and have a really really good Saturday night, I guarantee you!

see you there for sure




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