Let's Work It Out!

Jane Fonda, Workin' It Out.

The UK's Daily Mail attempted to insinuate (rather snottily, in this blogger's opinion) that kick-ass broad icon Jane Fonda's recent knee replacement was a result of her years of hard-core workouts. Fonda, never one to take lightly to such nonsense, has responded today to the allegations thru her delightful personal blog :

'A recent article in the Daily Mail reports that my knee replacement surgery was the result of years of repetitive pounding from doing my Jane Fonda Workout programs. Wrong! My family's osteoarthritis (the gradual disappearance of joint cartilage) is a matter of genes, not working out. I am sure that my 25 years of eating disorders didn't help the condition, and perhaps my decade of running made it worse. But sooner or later I would have needed joint replacement even if I had been totally sedentary.'

Take that, haters!  I really love Jane for being honest about her challenges and putting a positive spin on this little bout of nastiness. Besides, who DOESN'T want to give her mad props for taking leotards out of the gym and onto the streets back in the day?  American Apparel should be paying this woman royalties, and how!

Lady Jane is still looking fancy free, stylish and superb in her aerobic ensembles- and encouraging us all to 'go for the burn', as seen here at an Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS fundraiser in April 2009, NYC.

Go For The Burn!, via Daily Mail Online 

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