Let's play "Spot the Feminist

The Feminist Majority Foundation recently released the following video to explain (again!) just what feminism means, and also, to show a bunch of Hollywood A and B listers claiming themselves as feminists. I already know what feminism is, but this video left me with some other questions. 1) Since it includes almost the entire cast of Ugly Betty (America Ferrara, Eric Mabius [swoon!] and Ana Ortiz) am I to conclude that the other castmates, such as Vanessa Williams, are not what a feminist looks like? 2) Also, although I was able to recognize some of the other celebs here, such as Lisa Loeb, Larry David, Rob Reiner, Camryn Manheim, Michael Moore, I was not able to recognize them all. Check it out (warning: it turns a little "the more you know"-y along the way), and tell me who else is in there. 3) is the music really by "Annie" Difranco, as claimed in the credits?

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