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pictured: Chiara Clemente on location during production of her documentary 'Our City Dreams.' creds: Theo Stanley/Di San Luca Films

A super-cool series will be premiering on the Sundance Channel, highlighting some of the greatest contemporary women artists. The fabulous line-up will include: Cindy Sherman, Marina Abramovic, Agnes Martin, Ghada Amer, Joan Mitchell, Nancy Spero, Alice Neel, Kiki Smith and Swoon. The series will begin next Monday, May 25.

Ghada Amer

Ghada Amer, pictured, is one of  five women artists profiled in 'Our City Dreams.'

Our City Dreams, the first of the series, will show the five of the women in their creative spaces and the commonality they also share beyond making art: the city inspirational to many artists and the home of the of their journey, New York. The series will continue on for the rest of the week, with an individual focus of some of the women. Each show will begin at 7pm (Eastern/Pacific time). Let's dance for Sundance! Woo! For more info, visit the Sundance Channel. --Regina

source/info: Sundance Channel, Our City Dreams/ photos courtesy of: Di San Luca Films/First Run Features

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