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There is not much that Leslie Hall can’t do. My favorite performance artist/singer/dancer/awesome-gem-sweater-maker’s band, Leslie and the Ly’s, has just released a new jam from their new album Destination Friendship: The Feelings Album.  “Hydrate Jirate” promises a quality dancing experience; layering Leslie’s sweet, droney voice over a pulsing beat that’s reminiscent of old school Madonna’s “Burning up” (which I have always been a total sucker for).  If this doesn’t get your booty shaking, nothing will.  Check it out here.

 Besides being a dance beat genius, Hall is endlessly hilarious. “Hydrate Jirate”’s lyrics detail Hall’s experience of being at the club, dancing too hard, and getting hungry and thirsty. Hall spends the song grappling with her intense thirst and her overwhelming desire to dance her face off to Rhianna. Ultimately, the message is that having a water bottle handy in these situations is key- a lesson we may have all learned the hard way.  She says, “’I’m being pulled to the dance floor/ shouldn’t we just take a sec/ Let our bodies breath and reflect on all these funky moves we’re doing/ GEEZE LA’UIEZ, you people are crazy crazy crazy/ Dance women, let me hear your elbows whisper, I need you I need you/ Move lady, and may the sweat from your brow, burn your eyes and your mouth/ Best bring your water bottle, best bring your water bottle / At a high rate you should hydrate cause I’m gon be jirate, all over you.” It’s just as funny as “Tight Pants/Body Rolls,” which if you haven’t heard you should watch this immediately: 


 She’s funny and adorable, and BUST was lucky enough to have her perform at our 15th anniversary party. It was the best.  Leslie Hall’s website is full of fantastic photos of all of the gem sweaters she makes, a schedule of Leslie and the Ly’s tour dates, and a link to her youtube channel. You can look at all of these goodies here

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