Lesbian Super PAC Debuts This Week

We have a lesbian superhero, so why not a Lesbian Super PAC (or Political Action Committee)?

Just in case you're not up on your politics: a PAC is a group that dedicates itself to campaigning for social and political change. And yesterday, some very well-known lesbian activists debuted LPAC, dedicated to protecting their rights and those of their families. According to the LPAC website, the group’s other main goals are “Supporting sexual and reproductive freedom and women’s access to quality healthcare” as well as “Furthering social, racial, and economic justice for all Americans.” They’re looking to make a big impact in the 2012 election cycle and raise at least $1 million by November. They've already raised $200,000, which is not too shabby in the least.

The PAC states that it doesn’t consider itself partisan and will support any candidate who believes in its goals. There's a team of political analysts behind LPAC who decides which campaigns and politicians will “have the most significant impact.” Famous backers of LPAC include Glee’s Jane Lynch, tennis player Billie Jean King, and Chicago Cubs owner Laura Ricketts.

King said in a statement, "The formation of LPAC provides lesbians and the entire LGBT community a new, stronger voice and a real and respected seat at the table when politicians make policy that impacts our lives." Lynch is also proud to be a member of LPAC saying, "It is important to me to elect leaders who care about issues that impact women and their families. That's why I support LPAC." Hey Ellen, what's the hold-up?

(Photos courtesy of Media Bistro, NY Daily News and goldmedalgreats.com)

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