Lena Dunham's Story 'First Love: Memories of an Elusive Boyfriend' in The New Yorker

This week the New Yorker features a piece written by Lena Dunham, the writer, actor, and director of HBO series Girls. It’s entitled First Love: Memories of an Elusive Boyfriend and is an account of her Oberlin college boyfriend who she met during her junior year. The first time they meet in the story, he walks into the cafeteria holding his male friend’s hand. He pursues Dunham and then she falls hard for him. They move in together and hardly ever have sex. Eventually he leaves her, and two years after, she receives an email from his parents with the title “Goodbye from Nancy and Bill,” informing her that they are blocking her on Facebook. We love Lena for keeping it real about life, and this story promises more of her humor and honesty. Pick up a New Yorker for the story.

Image by Emily Shur from our April/May '12 issue

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