Leisure up front, Party in the Back

The Bust office loves the snuggie. The above video by Mikey and Big Bob, DJs of Pittsburgh's Kiss 96.1 Freaks Morning Show, best illustrates why. Recently the New York Magazine fashion blog hosted a petty tirade against the hottest new revolution in lounge wear. I find their chief accusation, 'that the snuggie is not an item of apparel ' to be narrow minded and pompous. The NY mag commentators maintain that snuggies are an eyesore in public and should only be worn privately and shamefully, 'wearing the snuggie out is fine if you never want to have sex again.' I would not recommend wearing the snuggie out to a formal ball or a steeplechase. I do think that a trip to the corner bodega, a party, a neighborhood dive bar, or supermarket is a perfectly reasonable extension of the snuggie's comfort wear functions.

Snuggie's are cumbersome and unwieldy when worn outdoors, but a few easy measures can be taken to amp them into fully mobile pieces of 'apparel.' Hem the bottom to avoid tripping over the one size fits all excesses. Belt it at the middle to flatter your figure. Attach a clasp in back at the neck to help it stay on. As far as I am concerned, there is no reason not to have soft fleece enveloping you wherever you go.

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