Law and Order: The Chris Brown Chronicles

phpnpguZPAM.jpgChris Brown, hip hop darling/violent little puke, finally received his sentence for beating gal pal Rihanna this February. Brown will be paying his dues doing hard labor, attending therapy sessions to address his more vicious tendencies, and staying away from bars or other establishments associated with drugs or alcohol.

Seems like a weak punishment: while the prohibition clause lasts for 5 years, the hard labor (which the New York Post describes as 'hauling trash and cleaning up properties' ) is only for a few months. No jail time, no house arrest, no nothin'. Not to overreact, but it's a bit underwhelming; the man beat his girlfriend rather ruthlessly, and now, poor thing, he's forced to do chores and talk about his feelings.

Perhaps the ruling rested on evidence that Rihanna was no helpless angel, herself. According to the Washington Post, the pop-couple routinely got into heated arguments, ending with slap-fights, broken windows, and a lot of physical violence . But routine doesn't make domestic violence any less of a crime. And if Rihanna was the first to throw a punch in the relationship, well, she should know that's not cool coming from her end either.

The trouble couple will be split up, though, thanks to a five-year restraining order put on Brown. Rihanna was reportedly pretty happy with the sentence, going out dancing at an LA club after the case closed. And, because clubbin' is the obvious finale to a months-long abuse trial, the unfathomable Chris Brown was also seen jovially table-dancing at some hotspot downtown (see above). How that fits in the 'no-alcohol-establishments' ruling, I know not.

Maybe Justice was a little too blind on this case . . .

~Anna C

photo courtesy TMZ

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