Laurie & Debbie on the Mike & Judy show, this Sunday

The BUST book tour is officially kicking off this weekend and we're very excited to be heading out to Bushwick on Sunday afternoon to visit Mike Edison and Judy McGuire and to talk about our new book on The Mike and Judy show.We'll be streaming live at 2pm on this crazy thing they call the internet radio. Tune in for some real talk.


Rumor has it that we'll be rewarded with beer and pizza (from Roberta's, no less!!!).

Here is more info on the show:

Hosted by notorious sex-and-drug-happy authors Mike Edison (I Have Fun Everywhere I Go) and Judy McGuire (How Not to Date), The Mike & Judy Show features uncensored interviews with writers, musicians, and other assorted oddballs with an emphasis on the wild side of arts and entertainment, as well as a no-holds-barred look at current events and pop culture. Edison and McGuire will make you laugh, make you think, and, more than likely, make you reach for another drink.

The Mike & Judy Show broadcasts live from the Heritage Radio studio behind Roberta’s Pizzeria in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.

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